Executing a trade and order types

Range of order types allow flexible order placement and our risk management features are customisable and easy to use. You can manage your risk by setting default stop loss and take profit orders by points or amount

Market orders

Market orders are used to open or close a trade at the current market price. Our automated execution means a market order will always get filled at the next available price.

Limit orders and stop entry orders

Limit orders and stop entry orders are used to enter a trade at a specific price and within a set time period.
A limit order to buy is used when trying to buy at a price lower than the current market price. A stop entry order to buy is used when trying to buy at a price above the current market price. Limit orders and stop entry orders may or may not be filled at the specified price, depending on the movement of the market and whether the price reaches the price specified in the limit order or stop entry order, before the order expires. These orders are not guaranteed and may be prone to gapping and slippage.

Stop loss orders

Stop loss orders allow you to specify a price at which a position will be closed out, if the market moves against you. Stop loss orders are used to close out positions at predetermined prices to help limit losses. When the price of the product reaches or breaches the price specified in the stop loss order, the stop loss order is executed at the first available price.

Trailing stop loss orders

Trailing stop loss orders are similar to regular stop loss orders, but they move in the direction of favourable price movements to help lock in some profit if your trade moves against you at a later stage. A trailing stop loss will follow a price as it moves favourably for you, remaining at the distance you specified when you created the order.

All stop entry, stop loss or trailing stop loss orders, for an individual product, that are triggered by the same quote, will be aggregated to determine the correct level of depth in the price ladder.

Note: Due to market conditions such as trade volume and gapping, the first available price may not be exactly the same as the price specified in your stop loss order and these orders are not guaranteed.

Take profit orders

Take profit orders are used to set a predetermined profit level, at which you would like the platform to close a position. The platform will automatically close the position and secure any profit when the price reaches the level specified in the take profit order.

Partial closure of existing trades

This feature allows you to close only a portion of any existing trade. For example, if you are trading have four UK 100 trades of two units each, you can select the specific trade and unit size that you want to reduce. This feature gives you greater flexibility and control over your trades and positions.