Advanced Order Features

1-Click Trading

This function within the web-based trading platform allows you to immediately place trades by clicking on any streaming buy or sell price. Your default risk management and order settings will be automatically applied, however, there is an option to turn default risk management off through the 1-Click Trading order settings.

Applying a boundary

This feature allows a ‘boundary price range’ to be specified on the order ticket, within which the order must be executed. Orders will be rejected where the price at execution has moved outside the specified boundary. This is available on market orders and stop entry orders.

A boundary is intended to prevent orders being executed if the amount of slippage between the screen price and the execution price is outside your boundary. If the price is outside the boundary, then the order will be rejected. This provides you with greater control over execution, particularly during volatile, fast-moving markets.

Price ladder

Our price ladder displays prices for trades that are greater than the average market sizes and enables you to enter those trades in just one order. The prices displayed in the price ladder represent the available price depth for the relevant product. The spread will widen according to the level of the trade.

Forward settlement behavior

Clients that trade our forward contracts can define the settlement behaviour directly via the platform order tickets. The platform will automatically perform the preferred settlement on each individual trade. This settlement behaviour can be amended at any time via the modify order ticket, prior to the last roll-over date specified in the product’s factsheet. Forward contracts that are auto-rolled have the benefit of entering the new trade at the mid-price, saving 50% on the spread cost.

Trade using unrealized profit

If your position generates a profit, you are able to use this unrealized profit to enter into additional trades. This means that you are able to take advantage of other potential opportunities in the market without having to close out profitable trades.
Please remember that losses can exceed your initial deposit.


Order ticket preferences

The platform allows you to set a range of order ticket preferences. For example, you are able to turn off pre-order confirmations for faster execution; set your last trade size as the default quantity for future order tickets; and have stop loss orders or take profit orders prepopulated on the order ticket. These can be customized for all products, per asset class or by individual product.

Going long & short on the same product

It’s possible to place long and short trades on the same product at the same time. With Account Netting disabled (via “Account Settings”), any order to enter into a trade in the same product will open a new trade, even if you already have a trade in the same product in the opposite direction. For example, if you already have a buy trade for 10 units and you open a sell trade for 5 units, you will have two separate trades; a buy trade for 10 units and a sell trade for 5 units.