You can set up our alerts system to notify you when price levels are breached or when your pending orders are triggered. Receive platform pop-ups and have alerts emailed to you or pushed to your mobile device.

Price alerts

The Next Generation platform allows you to set up price alerts, which notify you when the price of a product you’re interested in reaches a specified level. This is useful if you would like to be alerted when major support or resistance levels have been breached.

You can set up a price alert by clicking on ‘Create Price Alert’ in a product’s dropdown menu, or just drag and drop a product into the price alerts window if it’s already open; then enter the price you would like to trigger your notification and set an expiry date.

If you are logged into the platform when the alert is triggered, a pop-up notification will appear in the top-right of your screen. You can also opt to have alerts emailed to you, or receive a push notification if you have the CMC Markets app on your phone or tablet.


Execution alerts

The platform can also keep you informed about trade executions, notifying you, via an inbuilt pop-up alert, when any pending orders (such as stop entry, limit, stop loss or take profit orders) are executed on your account.


When Execution Alerts are enabled you will also receive mobile push alerts and optional email alerts for the first order execution triggered after logging out of your account. To receive push alerts to a mobile device you must have our CMC Markets mobile app downloaded and have enabled push notifications within the application.


You can turn this feature on either by clicking the new Execution Blotter icon in the main Navigation toolbar or via the Order Settings module.


You have access to a range of Execution Alert Settings:

  • In-Platform Alerts: When enabled, you will receive pop-up notifications for order executions while logged in to the web platform. By disabling this option you will still receive a mobile push alert for the first order execution triggered after logging out of your account (as long you have our app downloaded and push notifications activated).
  • Play Alert Sound: Plays a sound when an Execution Alert is triggered on the platform.
  • Offline Email Alerts: This feature is only available for live accounts. By enabling this option you will receive an email for the first order execution triggered after you have logged out of your account.

Account login

When you have been away from your account the Next Generation platform will now inform you if any orders have been executed in your absence. Clicking the alert will take you through to the Execution Blotter so you can quickly identify which orders have been executed and the associated details.