New mobile apps

The popularity of mobile trading continues to grow rapidly and we are continuously looking to update our mobile apps.

Our mobile app was awarded 'Best CFD Mobile Trading App' in the Investment Trends 2012 UK CFD, FX & Financial Spread Betting Report.

To coincide with the updates below, we have also implemented a new colour theme and module design for the iPad app to bring it in line with the web platform’s new look and feel.

Economic calendar

One of our most popular features on the web based platform is the live economic calendar which contains information of the latest figures for the key global announcements. These events can significantly alter price action so it is important for you to have access to these announcements at all times. As a result, we have added this feature, including alerts, to our iPad and iPhone mobile platforms:

Key economic calendar features

  • Available on iPad and iPhone devices (Android™ coming soon);
  • Mobile alerts - push notifications will notify you at the time of the announcement or at a set time (e.g. 10 minutes) prior to the announcement occurring, even if you have the app closed;
  • Access to additional countries’ economic announcements - Brazil, Mexico, South Korea, Greece, Spain, Ireland, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands and Hong Kong.

Mobile chart updates

  • The visible time range, cross hair and dynamic line tools are now persisted so each time you load that products chart from a watchlist it will look exactly the same as you left it;
  • Chart magnify glass - follows your finger so it is easier to view where you are placing drawing tools;
  • Zoom in and out buttons added to compliment pinching the screen;
  • The ability to have three technical studies per chart.

New iPad menu bar

When you log into our new iPad app, you will be presented with the new menu bar. It includes the new account bar and information button, alongside a panel containing three different views:

  • Customisable quick link icons;
  • Reuters news ticker (with filter to all news or watchlist specific news);
  • Price ticker based on products within your watchlist.

Click this button to expand the option panel on the right and hide the account value bar.


Use this icon to customise what is displayed within each of the three different panels. In this example we can add or remove quick link icons and change the order that they are displayed.

Once you have expanded this panel you can switch between the quick link icons (displayed above), news ticker and watchlist price ticker with a simple swipe gesture.

News ticker view


Price ticker view


You can still access the traditional menu bar by tapping the far left menu icon:


Miscellaneous mobile updates

  • Risers and fallers button to replace existing “Products in focus” within the library on iPhone and Android mobile apps. As you filter the product library the top risers and fallers will also filter to target the instruments you are interested in;
  • The swipe menu bar at the top of the screen has been removed on the iPhone and Android apps and instead all options will be visible when selecting the menu tab;
  • We have increased the options available around swipe login. The previous maximum period allowed, until a text login was required, has been increased from 1 week to 1 month;
  • When modifying a position on the iPad via the positions section, you can now tap anywhere on that row to bring up all trades/bets relating to that position rather than having to tap the numbered icon on the far left;
  • Insights module has been added to the Android mobile app;
  • On the iPad we now allow the ‘multi chart’ or ‘price quote’ grid views to be selected as your home screen through settings.